Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookie Disasters

I really wish I was posting pictures of beautifully baked cookies in very cute little hand made cookie boxes but I am not...  I can not get my cookies to turn out....  they are flat, crunchy and let's be honest they are ugly as sin.  I will not tell you how many pans of cookies have gone into the trash but there could be some raccoons running around with a major sugar high...  We  have searched the internet looking for suggestions and ideas, we have tried different brands of butter, we tried margerine, I tried drinking wine before baking... nothing has worked so now I sit here at 11:48 at night waiting for cookie dough to chill so that I can try yet another idea... 

On top of the cookie issue I have other issues.... (1) it will not stop raining!  I mean it really won't stop raining.  We are supposed to get another 5 inches tomorrow!  I am not used to this weather and I miss my dry desert.  (2) My truck is not used to this weather so it has decided it won't run...  this means I can not leave my house...  ummm.... that means I am stuck here listening to the rain and trying one cookie recipe after another. (Yea I know... whine, whine, whine... hmmm wine... :) )  Ok so I am trying very hard not to hear the rain which means I have 80's music going...  Life can't be all bad if you are listening to 80's music.  With any luck I will find a recipe that solves this issue, the rain will stop before I have serious need of an ark and my truck will decide that it doesn't hate the mountain and it wants to go out and about, either that or I will call my favorite mechanic and bribe him with enchiladas and cookies....  see that only works if I fix the cookies....  Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Oh, sorry all the cookies are bombing on you. Hope the rain stops too....and guess what they are predicting for us Saturday? Yep, some snow...not much but with us a few flakes is a disaster....

  2. I just now saw this, but next year, use the classic Betty crocker sugar cookie recipe but add an extra egg. My mom's little trick - keeps em moister, especially once you add the frosting - YUM! Roll it to a little less than 1/4". The dough will be stickier, so it's important to work in small batches keeping the remainder of the dough cold in the fridge. My moms sugar cookies are the only kind I like - except for one local bakery!

    In fact, I don't think you should wait - make some for valentine!s day! Or just because! ;)